Thursday, April 25, 2013


Warm temperatures mixed with brilliant sunshine make for the perfect spring day. Some are having a difficult time finding the warmer temperatures this year. And even we will be reaching near freezing tonight. 
And yet - 
As we go about our day, if we slow down just a little bit we can see the beauty all around us and count our blessings in what God has given us. 

This week I've been getting up at 3:30 to be to work at 5AM.  Not a time I'm used to being out and about. Yet, in taking it a bit slower, as there is no traffic to fight with, I was able to see things I never noticed. I enjoyed the quietness of the early morning. I looked at houses along the way with no lights on as they were still in dream land. I saw houses with just a dim light on as someone was up, but trying not to disturb the rest of those inside still sleeping. A few houses you could tell people were up as I could see TV's on as they watched the early morning news. 

Approaching the city the lights of businesses that stay on 24/7 seemed to shine brighter in the darkness of early morning. Rabbits and Raccoons scurried across the road in front of me as they escaped into the taller grasses on the other side. Parking lots were nearly empty of vehicles as were the roads I traveled. 

As dawn was waking up around me and the lights near houses illuminated the yards and the flower gardens I was cheered with the beauty of the colors we are so blessed with in nature. 

May we all be able to see the beauty around us. To enjoy the blessings God puts before us. We often look for the big blessings in the things we wish for and pray for while we seem to ignore what is before us if we just take time to notice. 

Til next time -- take life just a bit slower and see the beauty that is around you.



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