Monday, January 12, 2015

When Life Keeps You Busy

When life keeps you busy and you have too many things going on at the same time.... you can sometimes miss a whole year!  Too many pathways, too many footprints. Multi tasking sometimes isn't possible when there are just too many things going on that you have to take care of.
Yep, it's been a year since I've worked on this blog, but tonight decided to make a change or two and get it up and going again. 

I've added a new page: "Poetry of my Childhood". I was reminded the other day of my teachers growing up. So many teachers, so many that touched my life in one way or another. Most in a positive way. (Two or three - counting college years that weren't so positive, but still learned from them). 

One teacher that touched my life was Mr. Tom Kennedy. He recently passed away at only 68 years of age. He was my English teacher. I grew my love of English, grammar and respect from him. I learned to love to diagram sentences!  To me it was a way of adding art to words. I got to draw lines and put words on them going different directions!  

Thoughts of him brought up thoughts of other teachers. One I had to research somewhat to remember his name, but thanks to Facebook.... and others remembering... Mr. Jacobs!  Yes, he was a dear old man. (in his 80's when I knew him). He was a substitute teacher who would recite poetry in our class instead of going over the class assignment we were studying. I loved what I considered rebelling against the regular class and loved the poetry. I only wish I could remember more of them that he recited.  I have included the two I recall in my 'Poetry of My Childhood' page. 

To all the teachers out there..... treat your students well. You never know how you will touch them in ways that it will last a lifetime. Be a positive influence on them. You may never know who you touched nor how because as young people we don't appreciate what we have, how we are being influenced, nor what we are being taught.  The things you, as teachers, are teaching your students may have little or nothing to do with the actual book learning you are teaching. The memories are seldom about how you had them read an assignment and do particular homework. The memories are about the way your treated them and others. The memories are about the things you did out of the ordinary. Even if it is just a smile you give everyday, an extra helping hand, or just being yourself in general.  Be positive. 

On that note.... each of us needs to be a positive influence to others. Children and adults alike. I am often writing in my Facebook posts to share your smile, be an encouragement to others. Let's also be positive. And on those days you don't feel like the positive one, reach out to someone who is. Let them help you through the down times. 

Sometimes it may just be a memory from your childhood that will bring a smile and change your day. And that is when you realize that you will be someone's memory someday.  Let them be able to smile when they remember. 

Til next time.... 

and I promise it won't be another year --- Lord willing and the creek don't rise---- til I'm back posting.....

Happy memories!