Tuesday, April 23, 2013


 We are being blessed with a new beautiful spring where I live. 

Pastures and lawns that had been dormant and turning brown are not lush with green grasses.

 Spring flowers are growing and blooming.

Trees full of blooms and already developing leaves.

The birds are arriving and singing their sweet songs. They find their way to the trees and other places to build their nests to start new families.

It is a time of joy and smiles when we wake up early and watch the earth come to life.  A joy we felt was gone for good over the long winter is renewed in us. We find ourselves taking in deep breaths to inhale the beauty around us. The evenings give us time to go for walks or sit on the deck and watch the world unwind and settle in for the night.

We have now gone from the need to shovel snow to having to mow the grass.
We have gone from being stuck inside to being able to open the windows and let the fresh air inside.  From wearing layers and layers of clothes that make us feel trapped, to wearing lighter weight clothes in lighter colors that express the joy of spring. 

This is also how it can be in our lives. We may find that over time we get let down, we suffer disappointments, we deal with health issues, and we deal with life’s struggles.  And dealing with them during the cold winters always seems to affect us stronger. We try to be positive, in the darkness and cold of winter that doesn’t always work.

Springtime seems to allow us to open our hearts easier and to see the sunshine, enjoy the newness in our hearts and souls. We smile more, we enjoy life more.  We spend more time with friends and family. We spend more time outside with family and friends. 

Take a look around you and notice the positive aspects of life. Even during the rough times that life hands us, in Spring we find it easier to see the positive in all things.  Let us all put a smile on our faces and share our joy with others.  

Enjoy the newness that spring brings to us. Count your many blessings large and small. Your easy going smile that came to you as you count them may be the large blessing of someone who is going through a rough time.  

Til next time - 


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