Sunday, July 7, 2013


In our daily life we wake each morning to face a new day. We have ideas and plans for what the day will bring. We know what is 'supposed' to happen each day. Our calendars are full with the details. Some of us have calendars so full that we have to write down a time to eat and sleep. 

That may sound a bit extreme, but I find it more and more the truth when I see and read what some families are busy doing even all through the summer. 

And yet, in the middle of it all God throws in a monkey wrench so to speak with a detour. Sometimes it is a welcomed detour, sometimes it is a sad and not welcomed detour. But, they all make us take a step back and reconsider what we are doing. 

I just heard of a former classmate that died suddenly. And I have had other friends pass away suddenly or after long illnesses. All of these are in God's timing, but not our time. We question the timing. We ask why at all did it happen. So many are still so young. But they all make us take a step back. We stop what we are doing even for a few moments and say a prayer for the family, for those affected and we think about our own lives. We may even change a few things we have on our full schedule to give ourselves a chance to breath and to enjoy the life we have.

God has blessed us all. Some seem to have an easy life. Some go through many struggles over time. Some struggle on a daily basis. Some have pain that never goes away. Some face difficult situations that change the life they had planned.  

We all can be thankful for the life we have, even through the struggles. We know that God is there for us all the time. At times we feel He isn't there because of the tough situation we are facing. But it isn't He that is not there, we are the ones looking away. We try to do it all on our own. We think we don't need Him. But, in ALL things we do need Him. It is through our faith and trust in Him that we can rest in peace. 

Yes, we all face hardships. We worry, even though He has told us not to. We stress out when we don't know how we are going to make it. And yet, He is always on time. 

Repeatedly we face this and we are able to look back and wonder why we were worried. We knew He would be there, that He would answer our prayers, that He would supply what we needed. 

Yes, there are times when the answer He gives may not be the one we wanted to hear. As in someone passing away instead of being healed in our earthly idea of what healing is. In reality they got the ultimate healing from Him and have no more pain. we are the ones who feel the pain and sorry. We ask why when we should be praising Him. 

We want things done on 'our' time, but He knows best and when we look back at answered prayer we see that if it had been done on 'our' time it would not have worked out as well. 

And so, today for many things we praise Him and give him the glory. He has many many prayers. 

I pray for you all that you keep your faith and trust in Him and talk to Him. He is there for us and loves to hear from us. We also need to listen for He will answer us.