Saturday, May 11, 2013

Unseen Miracles

Often in life we see or hear of circumstances that we have no control over and we stop and pray. We ask others to raise it up in prayer as well.  Sometimes the circumstances are close to our heart and we witness God's answers and His blessings. 

At other times we are part of the group who have been asked to pray and we don't know all the details, but we know God knows and we obediently pray. Time may go on and we never know the outcome that our prayers have had, but we trust God and have faith that He knows best and through Him all is well.

Then there are times in our lives when we hear of a circumstance that is close to our heart. We hear about it after the initial occurrence. But we start praying as soon as we hear. We find ourselves mixed with fear, worry, faith and trust. We also find out that He has been playing a part in the circumstances even before we knew what was happening. Long before we knew - He knew. He had been there all along watching out for that person and making sure that even through this event all would be well.

Miracles happen every day. We don't always give them credit as miracles. Some figure it just 'is what it is'. It would have happened the way it did no matter what, with or without so many prayers. I believe it was because of prayer before and during. Faith and trust before hand with continued faith and trust to see it all through. 

Through love, faith, trust, and sharing God we are able to witness His love, comfort, healing, blessings and miracles in our lives.  

His blessings are many. We take them for granted so often. We see the beauty of the seasons, of the world just outside our windows yet close our eyes and heart to it as we are busy with our active lives.  Let us all take time to slow down, pay attention and stay in prayer. Let us share our love for Him with others.  Let us stand in awe of Him. 

Praying for everyday miracles, once in a life time miracles and blessings beyond what we all could imagine. Praising Him for unseen miracles that touched our lives.

Til next time......

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