Saturday, May 18, 2013


Each and every day we notice the big things around us. We go about our day with all the things we 'have' to take care of. We have work, we have meetings, we have obligations, we have household chores, we have family. And we have ourselves to take care of as well. Often taking care of ourselves is the last thing we pay attention to. We don't think we have time to take care of everything and everyone else AND ourselves. So we put ourselves on the back burner. 

We feel fine, we either don't get sick, or we heal quickly when we get sick even when we don't see a doctor. We keep going. Day after day after day. We eat poorly, sleep less and less and not as well as we should when we do sleep. And exercise? Who has time? We have stresses, we have worries. We pretend all is well even if it isn't sometimes. We smile and tell those that ask that we're "doing great!" 

Deep inside we may know better about ourselves. We're not so great. Life has handed us what we feel is a raw deal. But we don't want to burden anyone with that.  Or we truly are 'doing great' and feeling fine and then suddenly - life changes. In an instant the life we know as our normal day to day life; the one we thought we had control of - changes. 

Those changes may come in the form of a sudden illness; a major illness of a loved one; a sudden death of a loved one. We loose our job, hours get cut, bills get higher, or so many other things. 

In the day and age we live in so much happens so fast. We repeatedly are shocked by world events. Some may have happened in our 'back yard' or across the country from us, but they happen. Some may personally affect us. Some just affect us as we wonder what the world is coming to. 

The world as we knew it will never be the same as it was just the day before let alone the same as it was when we were children. Yesterday is past, tomorrow is not promised. What we have is the present. Our gift from God. 

Let us all try to take time to enjoy the little things in our lives. It's the little things that mean the most sometimes. As in the picture I posted with this writing. It is a tiny rose on a bush that I received from my sister that was part of our mother's bush, that was part of our grandmother's bush that came from our great grandmother!  So each year when that tiny rose blooms (and the bush is again full of buds) I am reminded of my family and a life time of memories of all those affected by that rose bush. The love of family. 

I also think that seeing the 'little things' in life make us slow down just a bit and spend a quiet moment or two as we look for them and see them.  A beautiful butterfly, a flower, ripples in the water from a tossed pebble, lightening bugs, the laughter of a baby or young child. The list goes on and your list may be different than mine. 

Whatever your 'little things' are, I hope they bring a smile to your face. I hope they bring wonderful memories. Memories that you either share with others or cling to yourself to enjoy in deep private happiness. 

Our lives are full. But they should never be so full that we miss the joy of 'Little Things'.

Til next time - 
May God bless you



  1. Wonderful post Phyllis! Time is fleeting and we are missing so many of the "little things" as you say. We are all in such a hurry to get everything done so we can lean back and relax for a little while, and yet it never seems to get here. Keep encouraging we all need it. :)
    Brenda Sheppard Rogers

  2. Thank you Brenda. Sometimes I'm inspired because I'm the one who needs encouraging and know that if I need it, someone else may also.
    And often it is the little things that God places in my path that produce the inspirations.