Saturday, June 22, 2013


Summer has officially begun. It brings with it many changes to what we have known as our normal routine. The routines of daily life start to change with the dawning of spring and continue to blossom into summer. 

Our time of feeling cooped up inside all winter are long gone. We are able to open the windows and doors to let the fresh air in. We then close them and turn on the air conditioning because the warm air has become hot and humid. 

The gardens are planted, the flowers are in bloom. The vegetables are growing.The leaves are full on the trees, the birds have built their nests and baby birds have already flown away to be on their own. 

Vacation time is here for some and resorts and tourist attractions are fulling up. Families are excited to be spending time together away from home. Kids are thrilled as they jump in the lake/pool or into the ocean. Others enjoy a hike up the mountains, or time in the wilderness exploring. 

Others who can't afford the time away from home, who don't have vacation time, are finding at least some time to sneak away for a day or two, or even for an hour or two as time allows and they take it. 

It is all a mater of priorities. We spend our lives doing what we have to do mixed with what we want to do. Yet, at times what we want to do just doesn't fit in between what we have to do. 

It's at times like these that we learn to appreciate the moments in life - one moment at a time.  

We wake in the morning thankful to be alive. We look around us and praise Him for all the blessings. We become aware of the beauty of God's creations we see outside and as we drive to our work. 

Each new day brings a new beauty. The birds singing their songs. The sunshine, clouds and yes, even the rain produce beauty.  The flowers bloom and share their fregrances. 

To enjoy and feel the blessings God grants us we need to take time out each day to, as the saying goes: Stop and smell the roses." 

May you all be blessed with all the beauty that summer has to offer. 



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